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just pick one

are more choices better?

One of the best things I’ve ever done to improve myself is become a better chooser. The green or red shirt? Bam, picked one. Omelette or scramble? Pow, order requested. Coffee or tea? Well… you get the picture. This wasn’t always the case for me. I used to pour over a dinner menu, looking at nearby tables trying to approximate what they ordered and if they were satisfied. Mere moments after the waiter turned their back to the table, I’d begin second guessing my choice.

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slightly different

where a beard and van intersect.

Being slightly different is something that I’ve always “been”. I was quiet until halfway through high school. I played soccer in a football loving town. I wore polyester pants, t-shirts and ties, often at the same time. I shopped at thrift stores, grew my hair long and didn’t drink. I pledged a fraternity sober and didn’t date until I was 25 years old.

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stuff, stuff, stuff, and more stuff.

Over the last six months, my family has embarked on a decluttering journey. Our goals didn’t include achieving a minimalistic nirvana, but we noticed a decent amount of… let’s call it “build up”. It ranged from a stack of magazines intended for collages and a few too many hangers supporting clothing that was sure to fit again.

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the future of libraries

they're not going anywhere, but what will they become?

I recently went through the process of renting a Kindle book from my local library. I assumed it was going to be difficult and require me to Google several steps along the way.

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cutting (some of) the beard

making a mountain out of a beard-hill.

The idea of cutting my beard had always come and gone since the first days of growth. It wasn’t until year four that the notion really started to gain a foothold. Like many things, my determination to keep growing wasn’t dashed in one fell swoop, but slowly chiseled at.

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pants are dumb.

Pants are dumb. I have thoughts on pants.

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me and games

a long, sordid history with games.

I’ve always wanted to like games. I’ve tried. I really have. When I was young, I would spend entire summer days in a friend’s basement playing SimCity, Doom and all the other great games of the 90s. Even then, once summer sessions started for soccer, I would haul out of the basement, grab my gear and run to the field.

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